I built this Faro shuffle simulator for a friend who is really into magic. We figured that there might be a few more people out there that would be interested in trying it out. If if you have any issues or suggestions, email me and I will do what I can. Enjoy!

Update: 13 Aug 2007 - Hopefully you like the new buttons!

Select a deck:

To use the custom deck feature, you MUST enter 104 characters (52 face values + 52 suits). Valid face values are A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-T-J-Q-K. Valid suits are H-S-D-C. The face value MUST occur before the suit. You can use duplicate cards in your deck if you want to.


(If you copy this example, be sure to remove the space between JH and AS)

Faro Facts:

The application and cards on this page are covered by the GNU GPL. The cards are courtesy of oxymoron at waste.org.

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