Nathan R. Kiewel

Hutchinson, MN


  1. APL
  2. Basic
  3. C / C++
  4. COBOL
  5. HTML / CSS
  6. Java
    • JDK 1.0.2 - 1.4.2
      • Applets
      • AWT / SWING
      • JAAS
      • JDBC
    • J2EE
      • EJB
      • JMS
      • Servlets / JSP
  7. JavaScript
  8. Perl
  9. PHP
  10. SQL
  11. Visual Basic
  12. XML
    • DTDs
    • DOM
    • JDOM
    • SAX
    • Schemas
    • XSLT


  1. MS Access
  2. MS SQL Server 7, 2000
  3. MySQL 4, 5
  4. Oracle 6-9i
  5. Sybase

Development Tools

  1. ANT
  2. BPWin / ERWin
  3. Bugzilla
  4. Clearcase
  5. CVS
  6. Documentum
  7. Eclipse
  8. JBuilder
  9. Make
  10. MS Visual Source Safe
  11. MS Visual Studio
  12. Netscape Enterprise Server
  13. Perforce
  14. PVCS
  15. Shell scripting
  16. Silk Radar
  17. SilverStream
  18. TogetherJ
  19. Visual SlickEdit
  20. WebSphere / WebSphere Studio

Operating Systems

  1. BSD
  2. Linux
  3. MS DOS 3-7
  4. MS Windows 3.1-XP
  5. Sun Solaris 7-9
  6. Digital VMS


Associates Degree in Computer Science Technology, 1994 - 1999
Community College of the Air Force, Randolph Air Force Base, TX

Bachelors of Science Degree in Information Technology, 2002 - 2005
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ


SilverStream 2001
SilverStream, Chicago, IL
Developing ePortal Applications

Java 1996-2001
Sun Microsystems, San Diego, CA, New York, NY, and Chicago, IL
SL-230 - Basic Java Programming
SL-270 - Java Application Programming
SL-300 - Advanced Java Workshop
SL-310 - Beyond CGI: Developing Java Servlets
SL-351 - Enterprise Java Beans Programming

XML 2000
Eden Prairie, MN
Using XML and Java

NetDynamics for Developers 1997
Context Integration, Austin, TX

Data Modeling and Standardization 1996
Datatrac, Randolph Air Force Base, TX
Data Standardization, IDEF Modeling (Data and Business Process)


Lead Software Engineer 2004 - Present

Bankers Systems, Inc., St. Cloud, MN

I am currently the technical lead responsible for design and development of an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) system. This system moves XML and non-XML data between VSS, Documentum, and in-house systems. It replaced an existing system and in doing so reduced load times by over 50%. In order to process XML content that is not well-formed, I also designed and developed a custom XML parser. This parser allows us to transform XML content that can not be transformed using other XML parsers like SAX and DOM or transformation engines like XALAN. My team is currently composed of two developers, but has been as large as 6 full-time and contract employees in the past. I am responsible for performace reviews and mentoring these developers in Java and development tool usage.

Senior Programmer/Analyst 2002 - 2004, 1999 - 2001

Gelco Information Network, Eden Prairie, MN

My initial responsibilities involved correcting defects and adding new features / functionality to a 1000+ class Applet/Application Server based on-line expense reporting system. The application server was BEA Weblogic and the user interface used extended Swing classes. I also designed and developed several command line Java applications to check data integrity and make corrections to the data where necessary. I designed and implemented a Java Servlet based on-line expense reporting system, which replaced the Applet based system. I designed and implemented several SAX based XML parser, which allowed third party vendors to submit expense reports for payment and update account information via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and SMTP primarily through a servlet frontend. This project also involved the creation of several XML DTDs and a standard implementation guide for Gelco XML specifications. I also did some workflow analysis for the design of an automated workflow engine. I was also responsible for mentoring several developers in HTML, Java, JavaScript, JDBC, Servlets, and XML. The development environment was Netscape Fastrack Server on Windows NT 4.0 and the deployment environment was Netscape Enterprise Server on Sun Solaris. The databases in use were Oracle 7.3.4 and 8i.

Lead Application Developer 2001 - 2002

Tricord Systems Inc., Plymouth, MN

My primary duties included overseeing all aspects of the corporate website. I was responsible for installing and configuring our SilverStream application servers as well as handling the design and development of our ePortal and eBusiness application code. I took over and optimized the outsourced ePortal application and increased the performance by over 700% by implementing a custom caching mechanism and reducing code bloat. I was responsible for taking feature requests from marketing, converting those to specifications, coding, and deploying the final solutions. I implemented standards for use in development of the website and oversaw the development activities of the other three developers. I was also responsible for re-architecting the existing database schema to create a more normalized structure. The development and deployment environments were SilverStream 3.7.3 and ePortal 2.3 running on Windows 2000 and the database was Microsoft SQL Server 7.0c. I also assisted the IT department in implementing CVS for version control and Bugzilla for defect tracking as well as implementing ANT as a build mechanism, replacing the old batch files and simplifying the deployment process.

I also had IT responsibilities which included maintaining the Checkpoint firewall rules and resources, installing, configuring, and administering client and server systems running Windows 2000, Linux, and BSD. I was also responsible for performing ARCSoft backups, creating and maintaining network and eMail accounts for users, assigning phones on the Nortel system, database administration, and monitoring the network servers and application performance.

Information Systems Programmer/Analyst E-4 1995 - 1999

United States Air Force, Randolph Air Force Base, TX

My application development exerience included designing and developing an on-line travel management system using NetDynamics and Java. I also created numerous web pages for the squadron Intranet and Internet sites on Solaris and Windows platforms using text editors and web development touls including Front Page and Hotdog. Many of these web pages utilized HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and CGI in C, Visual Basic, and Perl. I also design and developed several Java applets and applications for use within the squadron. I was also responsible for COBOL maintenance on Sperry Unisys and Honeywell mainframes, Oracle 6 on VAX VMS to include system and database administration, and conversion of 20000 lines of APL into Pseudo-code for later translation into Powerbuilder. I was also responsible for setting up and administering Windows NT, 95/98, and 3.1, DOS 3-7 machines. I have experience working in Microsoft Office, installing software packages, running and terminating network cables, writing SQL queries, and designing and building MS Access databases.

Technical Support Specialist 1997

Texas Networking Inc., San Antonio, TX

My responsibilities included providing telephone support for Internet users to include aiding in the installation and configuration of Internet mail, NNTP, FTP, and IRC clients, Telnet, web browsers including Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Mosaic, dial up networking, and TCP-IP. I also performed some shell scripting in Perl.


Available upon request